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Science Confirms Natural Weigh Loss

Green tea extract a proven winner against fat:

Polyphenols in Green Tea promote fat breakdown and reduction of stored body fat. Research has confirmed that concentrated Polyphenols derived from green tea stimulate thermogenesis, the natural process our bodies use to convert fat into energy and reduce body fat stores.

Effective new fat fighting tablets

Camsen 6000 is a high potency, therapeutic grade green tea extract, precisely formulated to deliver 6000mg of Polyphenol-rich green tea per tablet (ten times more potent than some other supplements).

Ordinary green tea drinks or low dose supplements do not deliver the Polyphenol dosage needed to promote “fat burning”. Camsen 6000 tablets deliver a scientifically proven, medical strength dosage.

Concentrated Polyphenols in Camsen 6000 promote thermogenesis to break down stored body fat. When used in conjunction with a well designed diet and exercise programme, Camsen may aid weight loss and assist in weight management.

Additional health benefits

Polyphenols in Camsen 6000 are amongst the most powerful antioxidants known. They help to protect body cells from oxidative stress and enhance general well being.

Camsen 6000 High Potency Green Tea tablets are formulated and manufactured in Australia in a Government licensed laboratory. They are made in easy to swallow tablet form, delivering an accurate, high potency, Polyphenol rich dosage for maximum benefit.

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