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Another Weight Loss Winner from By Nature

West Australian natural health Company By Nature have launched yet another innovative weight loss product called Slimwise Meal Replacement.

Company director and Nutritionist Martin Kilov explained that genuine meal replacement products are different to gimmick “slim shakes” or “protein drinks” which may starve the body of essential nutrients.

Buy 3 Meal Replacements Get 1 Free!By Nature’s SlimWise Meal Replacement is a scientifically formulated low calorie meal replacement. It delivers a nutritionally balanced, delicious drink for dieters or people who want a quick, convenient, liquid meal. It is made in accordance with the nutritional guidelines set by Food Standards Australia New Zealand to provide the necessary nutrients to maintain good health whilst lowering caloric intake for people on a weight loss regime.

Replacing up to two meals a day with SlimWise formulated meal replacement is an easy and effective way to limit caloric intake to facilitate weight loss whilst ensuring that you obtain the necessary nutrients for your recommended dietary intake. It can also serve as a substitute meal for busy people who tend to miss meals.

Unlike gimmick “slim shakes” or “protein drinks” SlimWise Meal Replacement is a laboratory formulated, highly nutritious meal replacement which helps you to feel satisfied whilst limiting your caloric intake.

SlimWise Meal Replacement is available in Smooth Chocolate, French Vanilla and Wild Strawberry flavours.

Product Information: Slimwise Meal Replacement

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