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Broad Spectrum Anti-Oxidant and Liver Tonic

Oxyace is a powerful, broad spectrum anti-oxidant and liver tonic designed to protect body cells from destructive free radicals caused by modern lifestyle factors such as physical stress, poor diet, pollution, excess alcohol etc. Oxyace helps to improve general well being and vitality throughout our lives by combating these destructive molecules.

Therapeutic indications:

  • Helps maintain a healthy heart
  • Helps protect our body cells (the building blocks of life) from injury caused by oxidative stress
  • Helps improve general well- being
  • Helps maintain peripheral circulation
  • Helps to maintain health and vitality throughout our lives
  • Acts as a liver tonic

You could benefit from Oxyace if you:

  • lead a stressful lifestyle
  • are exposed to environmental pollutants
  • do not eat enough fruit and vegetables
  • smoke
  • consume excess alcohol
  • are exposed to excessive sunlight
  • want to maintain your general well being


Each capsule contains:
Herbal extracts equivalent to:
	Vitis Vinifera (grape seed) 1200mg; 
	Silybum Marianum fruit (Milk Thistle) 150.5mg;

Vitamins and other cofactors:
	Calcium Ascorbate 121.1mg;
	D Alpha Tocopheryl Succinate 40.5mg;
	R,S Alpha Lipoic Acid 20mg;
	Zinc from Amino Acid Chelate 5mg;
	Betacarotene 2mg;
	Selenium from Selenomethionine 8mg

Adult dosage: 1 capsule twice daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner

Size: 90 capsules

Always read the label and use only as directed.