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Anti-inflammatory and Digestive Enzyme

BromeZyme is a unique new anti-inflammatory treatment based on an all-natural proteolytic enzyme derived from pineapple stems.

The active ingredient in Bromezyme is scientifically proven to provide temporary relief from muscle, joint and back pain due to inflammation, without the problems now associated with some prescription and OTC anti-inflammatory medicines.

Additional benefits of Bromezyme include acting as a digestive enzyme, assisting the healing process, maintaining a healthy circulatory system and supporting general health and well being.

Assists the healing process

By Nature Health Products are manufactured in Government Licensed laboratories in accordance with the internationally recognized code of Good Manufacturing Practice. Bromezyme is one of the only anti-inflammatory treatments that use Bromelain, a powerful yet gentle natural ingredient discovered in the 1950s and more recently proven in modern medical research.Bromelain is a natural plant derived enzyme which is not habit forming. If you are seeking a natural, gentle but effective anti inflammatory with its additional health benefits Bromezyme may be the answer for you.

You could benefit from BromeZyme if you:

  • Suffer from muscle, joint or back pain due to inflammation
  • Suffer from indigestion
  • Need to maintain healthy peripheral circulation
  • Want to assist healing and maintain good general health and well-being

Ingredients: Each capsule contains: Bromelain 200mg equivalent to 500gdu.

Adult dosage: 1 capsule 3 times daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Size: 90 capsules

Always read the label and use only as directed. See your healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist.